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Minimum Loan
Rates from
0.5% per month
Maximum Term
36 months

Defining Different

Following the successful placing of a large quantity of short term loans by Voltaire's core debt advisory business during the last 24 months the decision to formalise our capability with a dedicated bridging offering was a straightforward and well received one.

Voltaire Bridging deal direct with clients and also increasingly with intermediaries and real estate professionals. Typically when working with our intermediary and introducer relationships Voltaire Bridging will fulfil the role of 'packager' – facilitating access to our key lending partners to reach completion of a deal within the required time scale and incorporating the best pricing available.

Voltaire Bridging prides itself on being Different. The key to this difference is relationships with widest selection of lenders in the real estate marketplace. Accordingly Voltaire often tailor specific funding structures to ensure the most efficient solution to each requirement on its merits.


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