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Minimum Loan
Rates from
0.85% per month
Maximum Term
18 months

Voltaire Bridging Lease Extension Product

Voltaire Bridging is delighted to announce a new joint venture. The Voltaire Briding Lease Extension Product has been designed to focus on London properties requiring a loan of no less than £500,000 and with a minimum lease length of 20 years.

The aim of this product is to provide the borrower with the most efficient structure to enhance their property value through enfranchisement. This exclusive offering suits both new purchases and properties that are already owned.

The joint venture product has been designed so that one lender, one solicitor and a valuation firm all work together to deliver developers and property professionals a cost effective and swift execution. As lease extensions can be very complex and complicated we are delighted to combine top industry professionals to place the client and their requirement in the most capable hands.

Key Points

For new property purchases the product will require a minimum of 20 years left on the lease. For properties that are already owned where the funds are solely being used to fund the extension a shorter term will be acceptable. We will also need to see that the lease can be extended upon the submission of the deal.

Loan to Value

For new property purchases 70% of the purchase price will be available with 100% of the cost of the lease extension being available thereafter. For properties that are already owned, 100% of the cost of the lease extension will be available. However, the total loan cannot exceed, at any point, 70% of the current property value.


The valuation fee will be slightly higher than for a traditional valuation. This is because the surveyor has to calculate the fee on the anticipated end value of the property rather than the initial purchase price or market value. Please refer to the following estimated sliding scale of rates:

> Download rates sheet


The legal process of a lease extension requires expert knowledge and as a result a law firm specialising in the field will advise the lender on each transaction. We would also be happy to introduce a trusted firm of solicitors to act for our client as required.

Product Criteria

The following table outlines some of the key criteria of the Lease Extension Product:


    Lease Extension
  Minimum Loan* £500,000
  Maximum Loan to Purchase 70%
  Maximum Loan to Cost of Extension 100%
  Rate From 0.85% per month
  Arrangement Fee 2%
  Term 6 - 18 months
  Exit Fee N/A


*Can consider smaller loans if property is already owned and funding required for cost of extension only


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